The Firm

Tinelli Fernandez is a boutique law firm representing policyholders in Florida involved in insurance disputes with property insurance companies.  We take an aggressive approach to litigating its cases with effective results, and we previously collectively spent decades representing insurance companies.  We now utilize that experience to help homeowners, condominium associations, business owners, emergency service vendors, and contractors in their recovery of insurance benefits. Let us help you through the process if your insurance claim was denied, undervalued, or has been delayed.

We understand the difficulties in having to make repairs without the benefit of insurance money, and, because of that, in most cases, we do not require a retainer or ask to be paid a percentage of your recovery. In short, the insurance company pays our fees because Florida law requires them to pay our fees and costs directly if we successfully obtain a settlement or judgement in our clients’ favor.  In other words, because the insurance carrier forced its policyholder to hire us, the law penalizes the insurance company by forcing it to pay our attorney’s fees and costs.  This ensures that our clients are able to recover the maximum amount of money in order to make the necessary repairs to their property and to fully compensate them for their loss.

Our team has handled a variety of property damage cases and issues at the state and federal level; some examples include:

–  Bad Faith Adjustment Practices –  Assignment of Benefits –  Collapse
–  Hurricane or Storm Damage –  Option to Repair –  Misrepresentation on Insurance Application
–  Plumbing Leaks –  Theft and Vandalism –  Improper Cancellation of Insurance
–  Fire and Smoke Damage –  Ordinance or Law –  Examinations Under Oath